Life Coaching program

Does this sound like You?

  •  experiencing frustrating results in your career or love life
  •  feeling empty, lonely, and not understood by your surroundings
  •  having negative patterns (worry, anxiety, fear) that you don’t know how to solve
  •  feeling confused about the next steps of your life
  •  feeling lost in your career or a love life
  • having  emotional ups and downs
  • having trouble dealing with other people
  •  tired of your old habits but don’t know how to change them
  • feeling you have so much to offer, however, there are no offers ( in career or love)
  • feeling that your potential is unfulfilled

If you could only… 

  • achieve professional and personal success
  • have an amazing love life
  • be full of energy and desire to tackle every day
  • leave behind your fears, stress, old habits, blocks that do not serve you
  • and start living a fantastic life NOW!

Wouldn’t that be amazing?

I am absolutely convinced that you can live a fantastic life right NOW

How am I convinced?

As a professional coach, I have worked with clients, who were struggling to break from their issues

by using methods that focus on the roots of the problems and solutions

and that give immediate results 

without going through a very long process of therapy or pulling your hair out!

READY for a positive CHANGE?

Being a certified Professional Coach, with a Ph.D., and training in the subconscious and healing techniques

I like to focus on just efficiency and success

 That is Why

I have put together all of the EFFECTIVE methods and techniques that WORK


a  unique PROGRAM to give you the life you deserve!

This Life Skills Program that combines all teachings and methods for you

to infuse joy, fun, success, love and amazing results in your life!

And guess what?

Once you completed the program, all of the transformations are yours for a lifetime! 

and PLUS you can infuse joy, success happiness, fun, and excitement in your life,  as long as you live!

READY to transform NOW?

This PROGRAM includes:

  • 4 to 8 weeks of working with me!
  • 4- 8 One-on-one individual coaching sessions
  • 4 – 8 modules focusing on results in just every area of your life
  • Using your mind-body-emotions
  • Adjusted according to your needs and wishes
  • with more than  20 different methods and techniques, that you take with you


  • A lot of positive energy
  • A lot of motivation and support
  • to the fast-track to life, you have ALWAYS imagined!

You can start with one simple step:

BOOK your

FREE session

to get into your personal needs, goals, and points you want to be solved immediately; with a path to follow your dreams and solve your issues

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More Information

The program lasts for 4 weeks organized in 5 individual sessions. We meet one-on-one sessions (in person or via Skype/Zoom).

The program consists of 4 modules covering every area of your life and personality.  By working together we focus on your mind, body, emotions, and communications, too!

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

  1. What is life coaching and what does a life coach do?

Life coaching is the method that helps you improve your life skills and excel in different areas of your life, in order to become the best version of yourself!

The life coach works with the client to address their needs, develop potentials, fulfill desires, and overcome life challenges through facilitation and guidance using effective methods and techniques.

2. Why would I need a life coach?

As you need a gym trainer, to help you plan your meals and work-outs, guide you through training, motivate you, adjust the meal plans to your needs; and follow up on your progress;

The life Coach coaches too, just focusing on your individual life skills, needs, desires, life challenges and train you along the way to overcome life issues and develop those needed life muscles to achieve your personal success and happiness!

3. Can I do this without a coach?

Yes, you can, many people do;

but if you are looking for a faster and efficient and effective way to improve your life, working with the life coach is a better option.

Because when wanting to improve an area of your life or dealing with issues, you need to structure your life differently,  and the coach adds definitely adds your motivation, confidence, consistency, following your progress, giving you needed methods, techniques and exercises and adjusting the approach along the way to achieve so you can achieve results faster!

That’s why all the athletes, singers, writers, business people, smart, successful humans have their coaches, tutors, and trainers because they recognized the positive impact on their lives.

4. What can I expect from a first session?

The first session is a discovery one, where we discover you- your skills, abilities, desires, and define the clear path and directions!

5. What results can I expect in the first week?

Usually, my clients experienced a better mood, more energy, higher motivation!

Read testimonials here!

However, progress is very individual and depends on your initial state, desires, goals, and efforts.

6. What can I expect at the end of this program?

  • You will learn how to create and direct your life
  • You will have the tools to solve your burning issues!
  • You will know how to set your goals, and to achieve them
  • You will have the ability to divert from negativity  and have positive results
  • You will have methods to conquer fear, get self-confidence
  • You will change your negative habits more easily
  • Learn to enjoy every day of your life
  • You will manage stress more easily
  • You will create a happy and successful mood whenever you need it