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Success occurs when opportunity meets preparation


 prepare for your success, because the next opportunity never sleeps!



My training and workshops are designed to bring success to the companies and organizations by overcoming the challenges hindered by communications.





My individual programs are created for ambitious people to grow their professional skills and achieve successful results, to live the most fulfilling life!



Communications is the key to success and happiness!

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Even though I worked hard I was often misunderstood by my supervisors and didn’t receive necessary information form the co-workers. After attending the communications workshop with Aleksandra, I have learned to adjust my communications style. I have improved my written and interpersonal communications so that I always receive the information I need to proceed with my work.  Also, I improved my relationship with my superiors by applying communications methods that Aleksandra teaches. We now communicate in a clear and efficient way. The methods I learned in this workshop definitely improved my everyday work, as I became more productive and less stressed.

Brenda, Administrative Officer, International Water Association

Coaching with Aleksandra really helped me while I was going through my divorce. By following her methods, I was able to find a new path in my life, see the bright light and get new positive energy! I found personal happiness and achieved the professional success, too.  Aleksandra is a natural empath, with a lot of positive energy and wide knowledge!

Jana, pharmacist

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