Overcome stage fright, act confidently, and shine in communications and presentation to accomplish professional success and personal happiness!

For ambitious professionals and executives:
– Executive communications coaching and training
– Level up your communications and presentations skills
– Project leadership authority, build meaningful relationships with effective communications and presentation skills
– Overcome fear of public speaking, anxiety, and stress to advance in your career
– Show up with self-confidence, speak up and share your ideas to achieve professional success and personal fulfillment

For coaches, trainers, consultants:
– Advance your public speaking skills
– Impact the audience on your training, workshops, keynote speeches
– Overcome fear of public speaking and stage fright

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Welcome, I am Dr. Aleksandra Plazinic

With a Ph.D. in communications, being certified NLP coach and trainer, lecturer, and consultant with over 15 years of professional experience in business consultancy, international organizations: European Commission, United Nations, non-profit organizations, and University setting, I helped international professionals from all over Europe, USA, to India and South Africa to advance in their careers and achieve personal fulfillment by overcoming the fears, building their self-confidence and above all developing public speaking and communication skills.

By applying a holistic approach that leans on the latest research, neuroscience, human psychology, energy and mindfulness techniques, educational methods, motivation, and inspiration to those who want to change, I have seen many professionals quickly thrive and achieve the success and happiness they deserve.

I have been recognized for my work and personally endorsed by Arianna Huffington, and also featured in: Thrive Global, YouQueen, Idyllic Pursuit, BizLife, and Medium.

Do not miss opportunities for building a successful career and advance your skills to:
– act with self-confidence in your communications and presentations
– overcome stage fright, fear of public speaking or public speaking stress and anxiety
– be magnetic in business and personal relations
– connect your ideas to your audience and get them on board with effective communications
– shine in your presentation, speech, or pitch

ONLY If you are an ambitious professional, tired of playing small, want to act with self-confidence, and show up with effective communications and presentations skills, and advance public speaking, ready to go beyond your fears to advance in your career

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Success occurs when opportunity meets preparation

Everywhere you go; from business events to informal gatherings, you always come with the presentation of yourself and your ideas!

You are repeatedly given opportunities in life to shine and act confidently by sharing your expertise and accomplishments

Because as every human being,  you are constantly and continuously communicating, verbally and non-verbally, in interpersonal or business setting, being aware of it or not.

  • Do you want to be memorable every time you speak or present?
  • Do you want to act confidently in your communications and presentations?
  • Do you want to overcome stage fright or public speaking stress?
  • Are you ready to be magnetic in business and personal relations?
  • Do you want to connect your ideas to your audience and get them on-board?
  • Do you want to receive a positive response and read people’s mind?
  • Are you ready to shine in your presentation, speech or pitch?

Does this Sound Like You?

  • You repeatedly need to share your expertise and accomplishments when communicating at the workplace
  • You’re presenting yourself and your ideas  – from business events to informal gatherings.
  • You’re constantly communicatingverbally and non-verbally, in interpersonal and business settings.

Don’t Miss Those Amazing Opportunities!

It is exceptionally important to seize every opportunity to be impactful and communicate your way to success and happiness!  

This is true whether you need to advance in your career, impress investors, form important partnerships, negotiate the job offer, sway your date or widen your circle of friends.

Too often, I see people ruin their chances to:

  • Be memorable in their performances
  • Get their message through
  • Have their ideas adopted
  • Get ahead because of poor presentation and communication skills
  • Outperform in their pitches.
  • Form meaningful relationships
  • Adequately address your audiences concerns.

It is shocking to see so many successful persons lose their credibility, despite the fantastic work that they are doing!

If only they had able to:

  • Convey their ideas or accomplishments in a way that resonated with their audience.
  • Overcome stage fright.
  • Read other people’s minds
  • Confidently talk to their prospects
  • Take the lead in business and interpersonal relationships
  • Achieve the influence they desire

Then they could have received the rewarding results they deserve!

Get the Results You Deserve!

It’s completely possible to communicate effectively and execute a bulletproof performance wherever you go!

Ready to always have an impactful performance and improve your professional and personal success?

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Communicate your way to success!*

*For ambitious ones, only! Ready to grow and achieve successful results!

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Communicate Your Way to Success

  • comprehensive and focused on  just every aspect of your presentation and communication
  • designed according to your skills, needs, and goals
  • backed up by  effective practical methods and academic research

where you will learn how to:

  • speak confidently and effectively using your voice and body
  • own the stage
  • overcome fear of speaking up
  • connect your ideas with your audience every time
  • quickly prepare for any presentation or communications
  • communicate impactfully with new acquaintances
  • be authentic and memorable in your communications and presentations
  • craft your questions to always receive a positive response
  • read other people’s mind and connect with their unique communication style
  • use the latest neuroscience and research for making personal and professional success!

And that is not all!

This program also focuses on:

  • effective aspects of presentation ( preparation- delivery- improvement)
  • using your mind-body-language-emotions to achieve success and be memorable
  • using your particular skills and goals for communicating authentically, yet impactfully
  • application of communication tools in an interpersonal and business setting
  • academic, expertise teachings and practical methods that are only effective

Communicate your way to success Program  includes:

  • 4 weeks of training
  • 5 One-on-one individual sessions
  • Step-by-step process
  • Effective tools and techniques for your business and interpersonal success
  • Adjusted according to your needs and goals
  • A lot of positive energy
  • A lot of motivating guidelines to get you started to go fast-track to the success
  • Tons of tools to help you achieve your success, using just your communications!

To book your first session send the e-mail: contact@aplazinic.com

Do you want to use the opportunity in the direction to your success to advance in your career, connect to your colleagues, impress investors, form business partnerships, negotiate the job offer, or even widen your circle of friends?

All of this is possible with the single program adjusted t!

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Prepare for your success, because the next opportunity never sleeps!



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Many members of my team were newly hired and we had to learn how to work efficiently as a team. Also, as we deal with clients on an everyday basis,  communications affect our profits tremendously. After bringing in Aleksandra’s expertise and implementing her tools learned at workshops, I saw a lot of change in communications among the team members. We started to collaborate more efficiently in a positive team atmosphere. Most importantly, I was amazed by the results of our customer service as our clients praised our pleasant and constructive approach, as a result of our employees’ improved skills.

Tanya, CEO, One World (SMC)

Even though I attended many trainings over the course of my professional life, I was amazed that I have learned new methods at Aleksandra’s workshop. Also, I gained deeper insights into human behavior in communications.  I enjoyed learning because of Aleksandra’s proficiency to deliver complex information in an approachable way. She created fun exercises for everybody to participate.  I will definitely use takeaways for successful communications at my work. Also, I already shared some of the surprising findings with my friends and family, too!


Kiemthin, Senior Manager, Nedlloyd

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