Many members of my team were newly hired and we had to learn how to work efficiently as a team. Also, as we deal with clients on an everyday basis,  communications affect our profits tremendously. After bringing in Aleksandra’s expertise and implementing her tools learned at workshops, I saw a lot of positive change in communication among the team members. We started to collaborate more efficiently in a positive team atmosphere. Most importantly, I was amazed by the results of our customer service as our clients praised our pleasant and constructive approach, as a result of our employee’s improved skills.

Tanya, Managing Director, Two Investments-One World (SMC)

Even though I attended many trainings over the course of my professional life, I was pleasantly surprised that I have learned new methods at Aleksandra’s workshop. Also, I gained deeper insights into human behavior in communications. I enjoyed learning at this workshop, because of Aleksandra’s proficiency to deliver complex information in an approachable way. She created fun exercises for everybody to participate.  I will definitely use takeaways for successful communications at my work. Additionally, I shared some of the surprising findings with my friends and family, too!

Kiemthin, Senior Manager, Nedlloyd

After attending the communications workshop with Aleksandra, I have learned to adjust my communications style. I have improved my written and interpersonal communications so that I always receive the information I need to proceed with my work.  Also, I improved my relationship with my superiors by applying communications methods that Aleksandra teaches. We now communicate in a clear and efficient way. The methods I learned in this workshop definitely improved my everyday work, as I became more productive and less stressed.

Brenda, Administrative Officer, International Water Association 

Aleksandra is an excellent coach and trainer whose sessions provided insightful and worthwhile advice that can be applied in daily interactions. She is particularly skilled at conveying knowledge in a way that’s accessible and easy to understand. The trainings she gave were extremely well received, and her techniques can rapidly and successfully be applied in the workplace.

Joe, International Relations Professional and Editor, Diplomat Magazine

I met the lovely Aleksandra and we immediately clicked, as she was the perfect combination of a super friendly and knowledgeable person. I was in a period of my life with many big changes happening and it felt like a big crossroad. What Aleksandra’s method really helped me is to put things into the perspective, set up my true goals and create good habits. Aleksandra also motivated me and showed me the road to positivity, building my self-confidence and abilities.  I was impressed that her coaching that was backed by scientifically proven methods that really gave me the results that I hoped for. Big thank you!

Lina, Energy Trader 

Coaching with Aleksandra really helped me while I was going through my divorce. By following her methods, I was able to find a new path in my life, see the bright light and get new positive energy! I found personal happiness and achieved my professional success, too.  Aleksandra is a natural empath, with a lot of positive energy and wide knowledge!

Jana, Pharmacist