5 out of 5 from Microsoft

Aleksandra has held several workshops on our personal development platform both in Amsterdam and in The Hague.  She is well trained and knowledgeable about her subjects. She gave plenty of useful tips and great exercises during the “Effective Communication” and “Mastering Your Presentation Skills” workshops. Her sessions were lively and engaging, giving room to the participants to put into practice what they had learned. I hope to see more of her on our platform and recommend her as a presenter and trainer.

Monica Kalina, CEO of The House of Wisdom

Aleksandra is an experienced professional trainer, coach, and lecturer with whom I had a chance to collaborate. I am happy to recommend her for her excellent work as a trainer in international settings. She taught a Philia Workshop to women in leadership, supporting them in elevating their communication and self-confidence. The sessions were filled with information based on the latest research. I particularly appreciated how Aleksandra engagingly presented complex topics. She connected authentically and genuinely with the participants, creating a safe and welcoming environment for everybody. Aleksandra is a true expert in providing training in communications and presentation skills. She is knowledgeable in her subject and adaptable to the audience and specific requirements. Also, her energy and personality in impacting individuals and motivating them to apply the thought techniques are genuinely remarkable. I highly recommend Aleksandra as a valuable asset for any organization aiming to level up.

Nicole Bogott, Tech Enterprenaurer

Aleksandra is an exceptional human being who brings a level of excellence to everything she does in life. Her credentials highly speak for her professionally, but I wish to add that her beautiful energy permeates every project that she is involved in, and she is exceptionally dedicated to making the best out of everything she accepts to work on. Her communication skills come with joy and depth of wisdom that is beyond her years, and she is someone that would be highly beneficial in every arena of your business. If you are looking for an executive communication expert, keynote speaker, or coach who will help you skyrocket your business and brand by using the power of communication and public speaking, I highly recommend working with Aleksandra. She is one of those people who will impress, inspire you and make your heart feel joy at the same time.

Catherine Br. Roy, Bestselling Author and Business Coach

As a truly genuine and kind coach, Aleksandra tailor-made two intertwined workshops targeting journalists, editors, bloggers, influencers, and all interested in entrepreneurial journalism within Digital.press project at Propulsion Fund. Her workshops were quite dynamic, educational, and deeply engaging. She supported the participants in modeling their business ideas in journalism, motivated them to think outside the box, and focused on their skill improvement throughout the workshops. All participants were very satisfied with Aleksandra’s friendly and confident approach and particularly enjoyed her practice sessions. Thanks for the great learning experience!

Marijana Usanovic, Propulstion Fund

Aleksandra is an excellent coach and trainer whose sessions provided insightful and worthwhile advice that can be applied in daily interactions. She’s particularly skilled at conveying knowledge in a way that’s accessible and easy to understand. The communications training she gave was extremely well received, and her techniques can rapidly and successfully be applied in the workplace.

Joy Ray, Advisor

Even though I attended many trainings over the course of my professional life, I was pleasantly surprised that I have learned new communication insights at Aleksandra’s training. What I liked were the combination of her scientific background, easy-to-understand tips, and tailored exercises. It definitely can help you to understand your colleagues and your clients better, to improve teamwork or improve your sales.

Kimtin, Senior Investment Manager

Aleksandra Plazinic is a communications expert who has worked for prestigious organizations worldwide, such as the United Nations and various others. It was an honor to have her come to our Innovation and Business Group and give us her very powerful and informative presentation on how to communicate B2B effectively in the virtual world. We were all very impressed by her presentation and picked up so many useful tips on how to connect and build relationships through written and non-written communication. I loved her tips on making communications memorable, giving presentations that don’t bore the audience, being effective quickly, and the value of storytelling for engagement. Aleksandra will immediately put you at ease with her beautiful smile, integrity, and charismatic personality; she is clearly an authority in this field, and we listened attentively and learned a lot in this jam-packed, informative presentation. I highly recommend that you reach out to Aleksandra to get professional help on how to get your message across more effectively, you will not be disappointed.
Mary Oakley, Business Innovation Group

I met the lovely Aleksandra, and we immediately clicked, as she was the perfect combination of a super friendly and knowledgeable person. I was in a period of my life with many big changes happening, and it felt like a big crossroads. Aleksandra’s method really helped me to put things into perspective, set up my true goals, and create good habits. Aleksandra also motivated me and showed me the road to positivity, building my self-confidence and abilities.  I was impressed that her coaching was backed by scientifically proven methods that really gave me the results that I hoped for. Big thank you!

Lina, Energy Trader