Recent Activities

25th April 2019 

Digitala. Press Project for Entrepreneurial Journalism funded by the USA Embassy in Sarajevo at Propulsion Fund, Sarajevo

Audience: Journalists


  • From an idea to profitable online business in journalism
  • Communicate your way to success with the power of personal brand

14th March 2019

Workshop: Powerful impact through effective communication at DiaMind Training Center, the Hague

Audience: International professionals and coaches

Learning points:

• effectively use body language and verbal expressions for communication success
• using the latest neuroscience research for effective communications process
• crafting questions to receive useful responses
• turn-around  discussions to the constructive ones
• strategies to overcome communications pitfalls and errors


6th March 2019

Speaker: Human behavior and  communications

Global Woman Club, the Hague


28th November 2018 

Workshop Impactful personal and professional communications at House of Wisdom Center, Amsterdam

This workshop focused on aspects of personal and professional communications by providing successful communications strategies, using the nature of the subconscious mind.

Audience: International members of the Personal and Professional Development Group


27th October 2018

Workshop Effective Strategic Communications at Boast a Toast Conference, CB&I Toastmasters, the Hague 

  • How to be a leader in communications?
  • How to make an impact with your ideas?
  • How to get more out of a conversation or discussion?

6th October 2018

Speaker: Success occurs when opportunity meets preparation

Global Woman Club, the Hague

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4th October 2018

Speaker: Decode Happiness Every Day with Easy Tips to Instant Results 

International Summit: The Healthy LifeStyle for  Overachieving Women organized by Tsirona Health

This session is all about why we don’t experience happiness in our lives due to peer pressure, feelings of inadequacy, not considering our own achievements in life, and failing to be grateful for what we have already accomplished.

Free Shortcuts to Happiness available



8th July and 29th August 2018 

Article 8 Secrets to using your body to instantly boost your mood!  featured in Thrive Global

Personally quoted by Arianna Huffington

APlazinic Arianna Huff Thrive Global


30th September 2018

Presenter at Global Woman Club- Business Empowerment Forum Amsterdam

12th September 2018

Personal interview for BizLife Magazine Available here

  • BIzLife Interview

2018/ 2019 Elected Vice President Membership Toastmasters Club of the Hague

1st Ranking Club in Continental Europe and 12th in the world (out of 16400 clubs)