About Me

Dr. Aleksandra Plazinic is Executive Communications Coach, Trainer, Keynote Speaker, and University Lecturer with a Ph.D. in communications, two master’s degrees, and certified NLP master coach trainer and consultant. She gained vast international professional experience in international organizations: European Commission, United Nations, business consultancies, and university settings.

Aleksandra has worked with international professionals from all over the World- from the USA, across Europe to India and South Africa, and helped them: overcome the fear of public speaking, effectively communicate, present with the impact, build self-confidence to advance their careers, and reach personal fulfillment.

In her coaching practice, Dr. Aleksandra Plazinic combines the latest neuroscience research, human psychology, mindfulness techniques, and motivational methods designed for ambitious executives to level up their presentation and communications skills and accomplish professional success and personal happiness. 

Dr. Aleksandra Plazinic published numerous academic articles focusing on international communications, marketing, and branding.  Also, her expert articles in personal and professional development were published in Thrive Global, Medium, and YouQueen magazine, and therefore she has been recognized and personally endorsed by Arianna Huffington.  She has been featured in The New York City Journal, Thrive Global, Medium, Idyllic Pursuit, BizLife 

Dr. Aleksandra Plazinic has been recognized as TOP 30 Business Coaches To Look Out For In 2022.

Aleksandra lived in 5 different countries: the USA, Germany, France, Austria, Netherlands, and Serbia, traveled in more than 30 of them gaining much international experience and speaks five languages. 

University teaching: Dr. Aleksandra Plazinic is Adjunct Professor at the United Nations University for Peace, European Center for Peace and Development, teaching effective communications, presentation, and negotiation skills within professional development courses. She also s a Lecturer within SAE Institute and Middlesex University in Brussels, Belgium. 

Training: Dr. Aleksandra Plazinic held many workshops, training, and lectures focused on personal and professional development through communications skills, presentations, and leadership skills all over the World- Belgium, Netherlands, Dubai, Serbia, Bosnia, and Herzegovina, USA, and the UK.

Speaking: As a keynote speaker, Dr. Aleksandra Plazinic has spoken at different events, from Global Women Club in the Hague, Amsterdam, and New York, Tsirona Summit for Overachieving Women, Global Youth Forum, Young Leaders Forums, Entrepreneurship and Toastmaster International events.

Professional experience: Dr. Aleksandra Plazinic has 15 years of professional experience working as a project consultant and communications expert, being lastly the Head of Communications, communications consultant at the United Nations, and European Commission in Austria, Serbia, the Netherlands. 

Dr. Aleksandra Plazinic also  served as the Vice President for Membership 2018/2019 and Vice President Public Relations 2019/2020 for Toastmasters Club of the Hague- The best-ranking club in Continental Europe 2018 and 12th ranked club in the World in 2018


  • Ph.D. in Communications, University of United Nations, European Center for Peace and Development 
  • Master degree in European studies and International Relations, European Institute, CIFE, Nice, France, and Berlin, Germany
  • Master degree in International Marketing and Management, University of Belgrade, Faculty of Economics, Serbia
  • Bachelor Degree in Management, University of Belgrade, Faculty of Economics, Serbia


  • NLP Trainer, International Association of Coaching Institutes, Berlin Germany 
  • Intuitive and Success Coach Certification by Jack Canfield Program
  • Advanced Theta Healer DNA  by Theta Healing Institute of Knowledge, Vianna Stibal, USA
  • Integrative Leadership, Ottawa University, Canada
  • Human Resource Certification, WU University, Vienna
  • Licensed Mediator in dispute resolution, Ministry of Justice, Serbia
  • Competent Communicator, Toastmasters International
  • Public Relations Officer Certification, Public Relation Agency
  • Energy Management Practitioner, ISC, Kepler Institute
  • Hypnosis Coach, NLP Training Academy
  • Mindfulness Coach, In-Me World, Germany 
  • Autogenic Coach,  In-Me World, Germany

Some of the clients Dr. Aleksandra Plazinic worked with:

  • United Nations
  • European Commission
  • European Center for Peace and Development, UN University for Peace 
  • International Water Association, Netherlands
  • Propulsion Foundation, Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • USA Embassy in Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • Global Woman Club, Amsterdam, the Hague and New York City
  • SAE Institute, Belgium
  • SIE Group, Austria
  • Trust and Value Co., Austria
  • GCI Management, Austria
  • Statkraft, Norway
  • Solar Medical Center, Serbia
  • TSH CollabTeam, Netherlands
  • The House of Wisdom, Netherlands
  • DiaMind Training Center, Netherlands
  • Business Intelligence Institute, Serbia
  • CB&I, Netherlands
  • Friedrich Ebert Stiftung, Germany and UAE
  • BizLife, Serbia
  • Philia Foundation, Germany
  • European Union Delegation of Serbia
  • Columbus project “Emerging markets” – Serbia,  Bangladesh, and Austria
  • USAID, Serbia 

Aleksandra holds classroom workshops for organizations, which aim to develop effective communications, presentation mastery and persuasion competencies to achieve well-organized teams, excelling in presenting and communication that positively impacts revenue streams, and brings productivity, motivation, and happiness to the workplace!

Aleksandra also helps ambitious people, through her individual coaching sessions and programs, to overcome stage fright, act with confidence and shine in communications and presentation to accomplish professional success and personal happiness.

She shares educational methods, encouragement, motivation, and inspiration to the ones who want to change, and promotes effective communications.

Aleksandra is an eternal optimist and, a life-long learner with a passion for positive change. She has visited more than 30 countries, lived in 5 of them and speaks 5 languages. She currently lives in the Netherlands.

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