Hello, How are you doing today?

How is life? Are you happy, satisfied, successful, smiling? 🙂

How can you tell exactly, if your life is heading in a right direction?

How can you be convinced that you are living your life to the fullest?

Here is the simple test that can help you resolve that! 

Mark these 5 areas of your life, with absolutely happy or can be improved!

  1. Health
  2. Money
  3. Career
  4. Friends and Family
  5. Romance Relationships

Check your Results:

If you are doing absolutely amazing in all 5 areas of your life, you are on the right track!  Carry on with that amazing life of yours!

If you are doing great in 4 areas of your life, you are doing pretty well, you just need to improve one missing piece to have it all!

If you are doing great in just 3 areas there are a lot of important things that need to be improved! You can have much more fulfilled and amazing life!

If your doing well in less than 3 areas of your life is not what it is supposed to be! There is so much more to it and a lot of things to add to have the most spectacular life, you deserve!

If your score is below  2– you definitely not feeling well nor you are at the right place! You need to use your potentials, transform and change your life to start living absolutely amazingly!

I would like to share my score of a couple of years ago.

I am sure you read my About page and saw my accomplishments! However, a couple of years ago I was the same person but with different results, thinkings, habits and different life, too.

My results back then:

Even though I was back from the studying abroad, having previous professional success and a roof over my head, all the areas of life were not fulfilling. I wasn’t doing so well in any of the fields.

I was healthy, sure but,  smoking, eating unhealthy and had 7 kg more than I a healthy person my age should have had. I lost a lot of friends connection and didn’t have a special bond with a lot of people in my immediate surroundings. My money situation was not doing well either, as I mostly depended on my family. Career, well I was looking for the new one. So no job. Love relationships-nope. And even though my family was there for me, I didn’t feel that I was being understood.

I felt empty, confused, meaningless, lonely, afraid for my future, experiencing emotional ups and downs on a daily bases.

The feeling of pure excitement of getting up every day doing something magnificent, sharing it with people that I cared about, fulfilling my purpose, working towards success and enjoying life to the fullest was just not there! And I was communicative, positive, the outdoor and social person before!

I was in a place when I realized I needed to take my life back in my hands and get back on track really fast, to my direct life it in a better direction, that I knew existed.

So, I started to search for answers and went through a lot of life education, from life coaching methods, meditation, stress relief techniques, yoga, NLP, Sedona method and much more.

By implementing these teachings and methods on a daily bases, I started to put the missing pieces in my life and the feeling of great excitement, internal happiness, and pure joy was coming back!

During the next two years, my life totally transformed!

I got to meet new people and reconnected with old friends, with whom today I share unbreakable bonds. I got the job that was paid excellently and that I loved working. I lost 10 kg, quit smoking, started to work-out, found new hobbies and activities that fulfilled me, and cherry on the top- I met the love of my life. Not to mention, that I managed to travel so much with my friends and family and feel the absolute fascination of how my life turned- out!

The techniques and tools I learned and applied gave me the results I was longing for: the amazing friends, the success I wanted,  financial freedom, new healthy habits, love and more importantly I was infused with this joy and fun of everyday life!

I became happier, healthier, and more successful in my career and in my love life, too!

And guess what? I am not special, I just used the right methods, tools, techniques, teachings, and followed the path to success and happiness!

Find out how